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Chutney  Powder is a kind of dish which is served as side dish with South Indian breakfast such as Dosa, Idly, Roti. It’s very easy and flavorful dish which is made by homely spices. You need not consume your time daily for this. Once you made chutney powder and store it then you can use for at least 2-3 months without refrigeration. Generally chutney pudi and oil (coconut oil or peanut oil) is the best combination for Dosa and Idly. There are so many types in South Indian Chutney powder like some use coconut, garlic, ginger etc. But if you use coconut for chutney powder won’t be fresh for longer duration. So here I am giving the simplest recipe of dry chutney powder/Pudi.



Split Dalia or Putana dal or Putani bele – 1 cup

Split Chickpea or Chana Dal – 4tbsp

Curry leaves (dry) – ¼ cup

Cumin seeds or Jeera– 1tbsp

Clove – 5

Black gram or Urad dal – 1tbsp

Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp

Chilli powder- 2tbsp (as required)

Salt – 1tsp

Hing or Asafetida – 2 pinch

Sugar – 2tsp

Preparation for Chatney Powder :

  • Place a pan on stove in medium flame. First of all add Split Dalia or Putana dal to the pan. Roast till the color turns into golden brown slightly. Then keep it aside.
  • Add Chana Dal and Urad dal. Roast by stirring it continuously. Remove from the pan and leave it to cool down.
  • Add curry leaves to the pan. Fry until leaves become dry enough and keep it aside too.
  • Put Cumin seeds, Clove and Fenugreek seeds all together and roast nicely for a minute. You can feel the fragrance of seasoning as it done.
  • Mix fried spices all together and add salt, chilli powder, hing and sugar. Then grind it into fine powder. Red dry chilli can be used instead of chilli powder.
  • Store it in a dry jar.


Note: Fry all ingredients separately and let all seasoned spices cool down for a couple of minutes. Then take it for grinding. Chilli powder and salt can be adjusted according to your taste after grinding ingredients. Some people use oil while frying these spices and some people roast it dry.