Flour Free Egg White Tortillas

July 25, 2020 By admin 0

I never truly appreciate or marvel at the simple beauties of life until they are taken away.   These last two months have reinforced this concept that I need to step back and bask in small moments.  This had to come through intense heartache.  My three-year-old was hospitalized once again for seizures that would not quit.  After watching her in fear for what seemed like forever, and witnessing four full-body seizures in less than 24 hours, her seizures finally quit once the heavy medication was administered.

After all of her suffering, the next 7 weeks were clusters of more seizures.  Fortunately, they never required hospitalization, but they sent me into an uncontrollable roller coaster of emotions.  I cried every day for weeks as I witnessed many seizures.  Her coloring was not very good and she was never her spunky self.  To top that off, she would get sick about every week.

Lately, she has made improvements.  I marvel at her energy and zest for life.  Sometimes, I just gaze at her and realize how blessed I am to have small moments of hope where she acts healthy.  I love to see her smile and laugh, and even the tantrums and stressful times do not seem as bad.  It is true that you do not know what you have until it is gone.

Another blessing is this All Natural Flour Free Egg White Tortilla.  It is a great alternative for gluten-free eaters who miss tortillas.  To this day, I have not successfully made a gluten-free tortilla with gluten-free flours.  I absolutely love these tortillas.  These are moist, soft, and extremely versatile and they have helped me in making even more changes in my families food needs.

All Natural Flour Fee Egg White Tortillas

  • 1 large egg white
  • all natural buttery spread
  • garlic powder
  • oregano
  • basil

In a mixing bowl, beat the egg white until it forms stiff white peaks (looks like whipped cream).

Whipped Egg Whites

Heat a pan on medium low heat.  Once it is hot, spread the all natural buttery spread until the pan is covered.  Pour the egg whites onto the pan and spread around into a circle.  Sprinkle the garlic powder, oregano, and basil onto the egg whites.

Whipped Egg Whites in a Pan

With a spatula turn the egg white tortilla.  It is cooked on the first side when it will come off easily with a spatula.

Cooked Egg White Tortilla

Allow the tortilla to cook until it can be flipped over again with ease.  When it can be turned, take the spatula and flip it over one more time.

Cooked Flourless Egg White Tortillas

When both sides of the tortilla are browned, remove from the pan and serve.  Works well with taco meat, chicken, or pizza fillings.

Side View of Flourless Egg White Tortilla